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Provided Emergency Response to Flood Affectees of District Muzaffargarh & Layyah:

Human Shield launched its project for the flood affectees, because the devastation caused by the flood 2010 was massive and of catastrophic proportion. A truly representative data is still not being collected but apparently more than one-fifth of the country is bracing itself with the erosion of basic public and private infrastructure. Keeping in view the situation, Human Shield has provided tents (Temporary Shelter) and provided food to 300 families of district Layyah.

Distribution of shelter homes to flood victims of District Layyah

Construction of Houses for flood affectees in District Muzaffargarh

In support to the flood victims, Human Shield started a project of constructing the homes for the people of district Muzaffargarh who lost their homes in the massive flood of 2010. In this project, 13 houses were constructed with the cost of Rs./- in collaboration with Pakistan Rangers. The project was completed in the due course of time as mentioned in the project documents and the constructed homes were delivered to the flood affectees of the said city.

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