Aims and Objectives

1. To provide nutrition and generally give food and raiment to poor, needy and physically disabled persons.   14. To organize training for skilled programs for boys of poor and needy families.
2. To afford relief to people in distress due to natural calamities, accidents, earthquakes, flood, food, famine, epidemics and conduct or grant donations for the support of orphanages and welfare institutions.   15. To work for human rights, inter-religion harmony, prisoners welfare and the basic human rights, to fight against domestic abuse of women and children.
3. To establish a friendly and teaching environment to train the members of police services about their dealing with the common man.   16. Establish maternity homes and homes for destitute women and to arrange and provide marriage facilities for the poor and deserving women.
4. To educate the police for wearing and using their professional kit and ornaments.   17. Establish crises centers for women victimized by their facilities due to the un-wanted and un-ethical rural and tribal traditions.
5. To provide basic health facilities to poor and needy members of the community.   18. To give grants, stipends, donations, financial and other assistance to widows, orphans and destitute persons for their sustenance, medical treatment or other dire needs students.
6. To undertake promotional and educational campaigns on matter relating to health, education, social services and people friendly development.   19. To carry on community development programs for the uplift of the economically weaker sections of the society and also construct and develop community centers or halls for carrying on such activities.
7. To make efforts to provide clean drinking water especially in the rural and under develops areas.   20. To work on social and economic development issues and to carry on community development programs for the uplift of the economically weaker sections of the society.
8. To make efforts to provide training and awareness about peace, human right and youth improvement efforts.   21. To arrange youth events, competition programs, to establish research institutions to examine on community problems and hurdles development.
9. To establish, youth council, peace moment, for the promotion of reliable peace, and protection of human rights.   22. Welfare programs to help the deserving children for primary education and informal education for the community.
10. To provide emergency relief to victims of accidents, floods, earthquake or other natural calamities disasters.   23. Literacy and comfortable education programs supported by skilled training activities for the community.
11. To establish programs and training centers for women to help them earning their remuneration to live respectable life.   24. To organize workshops and seminars for non-governmental organizations engaged in uplift of the developing communities including poverty alleviation in underprivileged areas and underdeveloped areas.
12. To organize training courses for poor and needy women like vocational training (stitching, netting, embroidery, beautician, computer training courses etc.   25. Co-ordination with other social welfare agencies for their aims and objectives.
13. To provide elementary education to girls of poor families.   26. To launch strive for the protection of animals.
      27. To raise voices against child labor and child abuse.