Here, we are writing you a letter on behalf of our newly established Non-Government Organization namely HUMAN SHIELD (save the humanity) is steering up for project intended at providing food and shelter to the flood victims of Pakistan. According to our survey report, more than 70 percent of roads and bridges washed away in flood affected areas of Pakistan. Initially we took part in rescue, relief and early reconstruction in the flood hit areas. Now we are heading towards the rehabilitation phase of those flood hit areas. Our priority concerns are rehabilitation of flood affected people and reconstruction of destroyed and damaged social, economic and physical infrastructure. At this moment, we are facing financial scarcity and it has slowed our pace of rehabilitation, but we are trying our level best to achieve this challenging task. More specifically, we are working in those areas where floods have totally demolished everything. Keeping it as priority concern, we are committed to provide endless solutions and infrastructure development in flood hit areas. HUMAN SHIELD is not only engaged in providing basic necessities to flood victims but also supporting people of other backward areas. We are also striving to change basic system and nature of rehabilitation and reconstruction, as well as education. The aim of other NGO’s might be to achieve Millennium Development Goals but our objectives are to go beyond the stars and attain something more than Millennium Development Goals. In this critical time, we need your sincere cooperation. Therefore we forward you a humble request to lend us support and helping hand during our journey towards all this noble cause of serving the humanity. As being members of HUMANSHIELD, we are committed to support needy and affected people devastated by floods.

We would be more than happy if you take some time to discuss with us regarding our upcoming projects through personal meeting, via telephonic or electronic mail.
Your prompt reply will highly be appreciated.

Thanks and Regard

Irfan Ahmad
President, Human Shield,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

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