Back ground of flood affectees in Pakistan:
The devastation caused by the recent floods is enormous and of catastrophic proportion. A truly representative data is still being collected but apparently more than one-fifth of the country is bracing itself with the erosion of basic public and private infrastructure. Hundreds of kilometres of roads, railways lines, tube wells, crops, electricity transmitters, bridges, cattle, houses and schools have been damaged apart from 2000 people dead and 20 million displaced. Around eight hundred thousands people were stranded in flood water and it is estimated that economy have lost around $43 billion with huge increase in unemployment and poverty.

As specialists in vulnerability assessment are dispatched to some of the worst hit and inaccessible areas of Sindh province, in southern Pakistan, People, livestock and property have been swept away by the surging waves, entire villages have been wiped out and infrastructure severely damaged in many parts of the country. Recent report of UNDP says 20.5 million People affected – over 10 percent of Pakistan’s total population. According to UN statistics 85% of those displaced by floods were women and children including half a million expecting woman they are living dangerously and their sufferings are growing with time. Approximately 1.9 million Houses damaged or destroyed, 6.2 million acres of crops ruined; 0.5 million tons of stocked wheat lost and 2 million bales of cotton lost out of a targeted output of 14 million bales, agriculture estimated damages stands about 48 billion with losses at 43 billion and 7.35 billion in the crops and live stock respectively.

More ever, 70 percent of roads and bridges washed away in affected areas. The rehabilitation of flood affected people and reconstruction of destroyed or damaged social and physical infrastructure is a Herculean task, made more difficult by scare resources. But our organization will try its level best to achieve this challenging task and we will try to work in those districts of Punjab, More specifically, where floods has totally crashed and damaged everything.

Keeping in view the current position Pakistan urgently needs not just a reconstruction and recovery plan, but a strategy to build a new future.

Objectives of the Human shield in support of flood victims:

The over all vision of human shield is encapsulated in the following statement:

Human Shield works to create a society in which every person’s all basic necessities are fulfilled and enable them to achieve Millennium Development Goals.

We do this through:

  • >By providing basic necessities of life such as: Food, Health and Shelter.
  • To bring them out from deprived source of income by providing assets, seeds and material used for the fertilization of land.
  • Involving our communities and congregations in supporting flood victims.
  • Conducting education campaigns and counseling of youth to equip them to live happy life.
  • Piloting/ establishing cost effective and family friendly approach to flood victims.

The goal of the Human Shield in support of flood victims is stated as follow:
With in the two year’s every flood victims in the part of country will be living in a family context supported by the Human Shield, and enjoying acceptable standard of social, psychological and material ca re.

Our basic aim is not just a reconstruction and recovery plan, but a strategy to build a new future; we have to make our communities more strong is they can face new challenges of modern world.

More specifically, the objective of the project is: with in short time by process of expanding the opportunities to develop their potential, by increasing access to health care, education and employment

To work for the revival for agriculture because it is severely affected part which directly or indirectly provide jobs more than half of Pakistan’s population

To reconstruct houses, medical facilities and counseling is provided to all flood victims, now a days living in different areas of Pakistan, with an emphasis on giving hope to grow together and ensure that there is adequate social, psychological, and financial care given to them.

“Over View”
The intention is to use districts funds to pilot our approach. Estimated 25.5% flood victims are homeless in each district the project will be carefully monitored and evaluated and recorded in order to make reliability in other districts and by other agencies possible.

In order to achieve success in our goals, we have established monitoring team and full freedom to youth victims to share their views. We have also established a volunteer/ task force team and given opportunity to the unemployed youth of rural areas so they can learn the practical aspects and show their best performance.

The human shield district offices will be responsible for facilities and grants which will appropriately be used. Detailed reports will be provided to you at the end. To achieve this, human shield will employ approximately ten trainee’s workers in each district.

However, we believe that for the project to be successful attentive care and training should be given adequately which is essential for the development of victims and innocent children/youth.

It is for this work that we are seeking support from you as we are aware that your support will be on flood victims

In addition, it is our attention to hold quarterly training and counseling session at which health representatives or hired trainers will give knowledge about the health/ precautionary steps about diseases etc, and also guide them regarding careers and employment opportunities.

We see this as a two years objective. At the end, we believe that the flood affectees will be able to sustain their efforts without our direct support. Human Shield will however, continue to administer the material grants for at least a further three years to check the prosperity and wellbeing of flood victims is achieved or not.

Our intention is to draw funds and medicines from others countries to make our material widely available through all over the Pakistan

We would welcome any suggestions and valuable recommendations from you.



In summary:

We are requesting our communities for the basic needs of flood victims.

The project is specifically aimed at ensuring that every flood victimized person in this country has the social and financial support which is required to live a comfortable and happy healthy life.

We believe that the context in which we are operating makes such project an imperative. Our intention is to pilot the project in the severely affected districts Punjab Multan and Muzzafargarh

The emphasis is on youth development and heath base projects will make it likely that project will be sustainable and will be covering major areas at country level. The staffs from our head office who will be involved are highly skilled and experienced

We believe that our track record and efficient management qualify us to make a success of this project.