President's Message

"Come with me and save Human Beings"

Human Shield is one step nearer effort towards my vision of creating a society where there is no crisis, no worries, and no unemployment. The society, where everyone is free to acquire knowledge, attends education and change plight of his people.

I feel immense pleasure to introduce you a team destined to relieve the miseries and pains of the people. The theme and the root cause behind the creation of Human Shield is none other than to feel closely and truly the sentiments on the faces of our poor and demonstrated brothers and sisters who are facing wrath of havoc caused by recent super floods in Pakistan. I saw miserable faces and innocent demands of flood victims during my recent visit to these areas. Basic problems of these marginalized areas are, like food shortage, lack of income sources, daily earnings; small and large scaled unemployment and catastrophic spread of diseases are some of the many targets upon which we are specifically focusing on. Similarly, the most dangerous problem is that of our youth which is suffering because of lack of awareness, counseling and education facilities .Moreover it is irony of fate that our education system and as well as our rehabilitation system is neither up to the mark nor giving proper results. Our education system is divided into parts such as rich and poor class, private and government sector. Human Shield is not busy only in providing basic necessities to flood victims and people of other backward areas but also striving to change basic system and nature of rehabilitation and reconstruction, as well as education. The aim of other NGO's might be to Achieve Millennium Development goals but our objective is to go beyond the stars and attain something more than Millennium Development Goals. Therefore, I would like to welcome you to be my true support and right hand during my journey towards all this noble cause of humanity .I expect all of you will remain in continuous effort contact for service of mankind.

Thank you very much.

Irfan Ahmad